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EMP and EMPS, EMPX Hazardous Area Operators

Crouse-Hinds series EMP, EMPS and EMPX explosionproof operators are globally certified for NEC, CEC and IEC hazardous areas, making them the perfect solution for panel shops, skid builders and other OEM applications around the world.

EPMX operators are also Type 4X and IP66W rated, providing superior protection against corrosion and harsh environments commonly found in offshore platforms, marine applications, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, food and beverage plants, and process facilities.

Available operator types include: pushbuttons, mushroom head pushbuttons, reset buttons, pilot lights and selector switches.

EMP and EMPS, EMPX Hazardous Area Operators

Core features

The remainder are primarily for use with hazardous area boxes to assemble special control stations
Certain barrel assemblies are the same as those used in complete EMP units and may be utilized as replacements

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