Creating transparency in your application

Making your application IIoT-Ready

The first step to improve the availability of an application and to reduce its maintainance costs is to identify the data to be analysed. Subsequently this data has to be collected with sensors or even better with smart devices like drives and motor starters with integrated sensing capabilities. Collecting the data within the machine, consolidating it and forwarding the information to an IT system for analysis opens new possibilities to optimize the performance of your application.

Data transparency is the key success factor to every IIoT project. Starting with the improvement of machine performance and the reduction of maintenance cost, new business models can accelerate your growth. Especially in today's growing shared economy business models like leasing or pay-per-use are entering the industrial segment.

Eaton supports machine builders to prepare their applications for digitization. From the smart devices that provide process data and the right communication networks up to the consolidation of the data and the secure transferral to Cloud or Edge systems that provide easy to use visualization and analytics.

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Products for the digitization of applications

Smart devices that provide data transparency for your process and that offer multiple easy to use communication skills. Touch panel, HMI / PLC and compact PLC with data consolidation capabilities and IT interfaces. Get started!

Improving machine performance and availability, e.g. with predictive maintenance, requires a deep understanding of the application. And data transparency is the first step to achieve this goal. By today capturing, consolidating, visualizing and sharing operational data is easier than ever before. The devices shown in our solution map can easily be integrated in new machines or retrofit projects to give more transparancy and improve operational costs and performance.

And if you need support during the implementation phase your local Eaton sales representative can connect you with our MOEM solution team and the Eaton solution partner network that help you to build an end-to-end application. 

XV300 with screen
Modular PLC XC300
Modular PLC XC300
Smartwire DT
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