Go Wireless

Grow your business by working smarter, saving time and money and delighting customers

Get more done in less time with less mess

How do you work smarter and faster to grow your business? Simplify the installation of controls for lighting, shading, ventilation and more – for new builds as well as existing homes.

Regardless of whether they are building a new home or renovating an existing one, your customers may have a difficult time deciding where to place their switches.

They may change their mind while the job is under way. They may even change it again. Every change results in lost time, increased costs and grumbling customers – and can have a knock-on effect on your other jobs. 

Maybe they want switches in difficult or impossible locations. Even if they don't ask for changes, they may settle for switches in places where they don't really want them to avoid additional costs or delays. 

Stop wiring. Go wireless!

Wireless controls are the answer to these problems. Installation is so simple that customers can change their minds without harming your bottom line. Changes that previously took hours can now be made in minutes.

Place switches wherever your customers need them – without chasing walls, pulling tubes or repainting. It’s wirelesspre-programmed and easily extendable to grow with your customer.

With these wireless controls, your customers can:

Eaton Go Wireless

Our Go Wireless packages enable you to place switches wherever your customer needs them, all without chasing walls, pulling tubes or repainting.

The Eaton Go Wireless packages solve control challenges for your customers. The choices include:

Wireless Switch All package
Wireless Switch All - control lights
Wireless Dim All package
Wireless Dim All - dim lights
Wireless Shading package
Wireless Shading - control blinds, shades, and shutters
Wireless Second Switch package
Wireless Second Switch - add additional light control points
Wireless Ventilation package
Wireless Ventilation - control mechanical ventilation
Wireless Heating package
Wireless Heating - electrical heating control

Smart ways to save time with Eaton

The Eaton Go Wireless packages simplify installation of controls for lighting, shading, ventilation and more, whether in new builds or existing homes. Easier to install than traditional equipment, Go Wireless eliminates chasing walls, putting in tubes and pulling cables. You deliver simple, reliable wireless switching.

Installation is simple and fast

Customers who change their minds at the last minute will no longer hurt your bottom line. Just place or move a wireless switch wherever they want it. Changes that previously took you hours can now be done in just a few minutes. Does your customer want an additional control point? No problem - you can add a switch in the blink of an eye.

Go Wireless - unparalleled reliability

Wireless that just works will delight your customers and generate referrals for you. Customers will love the long battery life— getting up to 10 years between battery changes in typical use.

Compatible with most 55 mm frames

The Eaton Go Wireless solutions are compatible with your customers’ current or intended wiring accessories, across many brands, to integrate seamlessly and reliably into their home.

Go Wireless - uncompared flexibility

Wouldn't it be nice to simply implement the switches at the end of the project? Imagine how much your customers would appreciate such flexibility!

Your customer can upgrade to a Smart Home in just three simple steps!

The Go Wireless solutions will satisfy your customers by solving their challenges with controlling lights (both dimming and switching), blinds/shutters or ventilation - and in three simple steps you can also help them upgrade to a Smart Home.

Find the right pre-programmed package that fits your customer's needs

It's easy - no training required.

Determine whether your customers need additional control points— greater convenience for them means more business for you

Easily add additional wireless switches and place them wherever your customers need them in a matter of minutes, e.g. control one light/blind or shutter/ventilator by means of one or more additional wireless switches; control a group of lights or blinds/shutters with one (or more) ‘master’ switch(es).

Your customers might have additional needs

For example, when they go on holiday, they don't want to leave their house in the dark. You can easily add a presence simulation that will control their lights and shutters automatically. Lights/blinds/ventilation can be controlled through an app, either from home or remotely. This feature and many more become possible by adding just one component - installed by you.
  • New xComfot Bridge

    Now installation of additional functions is even faster with new xComfort Bridge hub! You don't need any additional software tool and commissioning doesn't require any extensive training. So fast and simple.
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  • Save time installing switches and offer more value to your customers...

    Go Wireless!