Total protection against surges

Provide peace of mind with a comprehensive surge protection solution, safeguarding homes, people and assets from damage caused by external and internal surges.

Full suite of protection devices from one trusted brand

Technology is at the heart of systems that make our homes more comfortable, safe and secure. Yet, our reliance on technology also increases the risk of damage from surges to gadgets, electrical items, as well as electrical installations, including customers’ solar PV systems. 

If you already use Eaton when it comes to installing robust and reliable circuit protection, why not rely on us to protect your customers’ homes and assets with a full range of surge protection devices (SPDs).

Electrical equipment in a home that can be damaged in the event of a power surge can easily amount to €8000 - €25,000.

Pedro, segment manager residential buildings, Europe, Middle East & Africa

Many of your customers may not be aware that those appliances and electricals, such as washing machines, coffee makers, TVs and security systems, found in the home, are all vulnerable to damage from short duration, high voltage peaks, known as surges. For homes with a solar PV system installed this amount can be even higher.  

The most common cause of power surges include:

  • overloaded plug outlets or circuits,
  • damaged or exposed wiring,
  • lightning strikes,
  • high-power electrical devices, appliances and tools,
  • and power outages.
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Learn few facts about the surges: their types, origin, causes and results.
  • A comprehensive surge protection offering

    Surge protection devices (SPDs) protect electronics and installations by diverting surge currents to earth. Without adequate protection surges can damage sensitive electronics, as well as the building’s electrical or PV installation, potentially causing fires. You probably already use Eaton’s products for robust circuit protection, so why not rely on us for comprehensive T1 – T3 surge protection too and give your customers peace of mind.

Protecting what matters

Eaton’s SPD range protects people, homes and assets from damage caused by electrical surges, giving your customers peace of mind and saving them time and hassle. While insurance premiums can go towards the cost of replacing damaged items, homeowners still have to spend time completing paperwork and finding replacement goods. And some things simply cannot be replaced, such as a laptop drive containing digital photos and mementos.

Comprehensive and robust SPD protection from one trusted brand

Eaton’s full-suite of surge protection products span Type 1, 2 and 3, ensuring the ability of the SPD system to divert dangerous currents from external and internal causes of surges. Eaton offers both AC and DC surge protection devices, for protecting solar PV installations and home battery storage systems, as well as AC power distribution.

One-stop-shop for electrical safety

Eaton’s range of SPDs is complemented by other products to protect homes’ and buildings’ electrical infrastructure, including residual current devices (RCDs), miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) and arc fault detection devices (AFDDs).

Simple to install

Eaton’s SPDs are designed to be simple and straightforward to install, along with other Eaton circuit protection devices. Having SPDs and circuit protection from one brand not only results in a smarter and more professional-looking distribution board, but also saves you time so you can get the job done more quickly, as circuits and SPDs can be assembled using busbars, eliminating wiring.

Trusted brand

Eaton’s long track record – over 100 years – of supplying power distribution systems and electrical equipment has given the company un-paralleled insight into how to make products that are safe and robust.

Reliable and fully compliant

All of Eaton’s SPD products comply with current international standards and regulations. For selected Type 3 products there are additional warranties for connected equipment up to €50,000.
  • Surges should not be ignored

The SPD range breakdown

To provide the highest levels of protection SPDs comprise a system of individual devices, each designed specifically for the different levels of electrical installation within a house or apartment building. These include the distribution and sub-distribution boards as well as the individual circuits.

Eaton’s surge protection range is designed to not only protect equipment connected to AC power supplies but also DC, for homes with rooftop PV installations for example.

Type 1 – protection against transient overvoltage due to direct lightning strikes

Designed to discharge voltage from lightning spreading from the earth conductor to the network conductors

Type 2 – protection against transient overvoltage due to switching and indirect lightning strikes

Designed for all low voltage electrical installations, Type 2 SPDs are installed in each electrical switchboard to prevent the spread of overvoltage in any electrical installations and protect various loads

Type 1/2 - combining Type 1 and 2

For AC protection Type 1/2 , is most often used where case customers have a lightning system installed.

Homes with rooftop solar PV installations represent an additional vulnerability that requires surge protection. Usually this requires Type 1/2 combinations, for DC protection (based on whether the building has an external lightning protection system installed).  

Type 3 – local protection for sensitive loads

These SPDs have a low discharge capacity, so in order to have a full protection Type 3 should be supplementing Type 2 SPDs and in the vicinity of sensitive loads.

They are available as hard wired devices, or as surge protected socket outlets and plug-designed products.