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Fazemos funcionar o que é importante*

We make a healthy planet work.*

*We believe that we owe it to future generations to leave the world a little "greener." And the power to make that happen is in our hands. That means all of us, working together. This is what matters for our employees and customers. And for future generations.

Look around. Everything we touch, everything we do, everything we experience in our modern world is made possible by power. 

Mechanical power. Electrical power. Hydraulic power. For centuries, simply finding, generating and harnessing that power was one of humankind's greatest challenges. But today, the challenges that we face are even greater.


Our vision: To improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services


From our beginning more than 100 years ago, our products and solutions have helped our customers work more safely, use less energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and do business more sustainably. We believe the environment is one of our key stakeholders, and we're committed to protecting the planet we call home. This is what matters for our employees and customers. And for future generations.

Every day, Eaton people are developing solutions that drive sustainable growth by efficiently using and conserving our natural resources, developing energy-efficient products and protecting the health and safety of our employees and communities.

Craig Arnold, Chairman & CEO

We make what matters work.*

*We’re helping utilities, municipalities, businesses and everyday homeowners re-think the impact they have on the environment. Whether it’s using more energy-efficient products—or harnessing low carbon and renewable resources like solar, wind and hydroelectric power. Around the world, we’re helping major industries lower emissions and use less fuel.

How we make what matters work also matters.

We are, first and foremost, ethical. We play by the rules and we act with integrity. We are passionate and care deeply about what we do. We set high expectations and achieve them. We are accountable. We are efficient, valuing speed and simplicity. We are transparent; we say what we think. We learn. We are curious about the world and willing to teach what we know. And, finally, we give back to our communities.

We are committed to positively impacting the environment while helping to solve the world's most pressing power management challenges. We encourage each and every employee at Eaton to think differently about our business, our communities—and the positive impact we can have on the world.

Sustainability: What key issues are important to us?

We owe it to future generations to make a difference and leave the world a better place than we found it. And we have taken steps to ensure that we are doing more of what really matters. Learn more about: