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Powering mission-ready military aircraft

Maintain mission readiness

For military squadrons, operational readiness is the key to a successful mission. You need technologies that optimize performance and reliability, while minimizing costs. And you must meet  regulatory requirements to ensure the safety of your aircrew and support personnel.  With years of experience developing innovative solutions for military aviation, we'll help you meet the demands of your daily operations and prepare you with the next generation of aerospace and defense power technology. 

From fighter jets and cargo aircraft to special mission and rotary wing aircraft, our technologies are designed to deliver reliability in the field, survivability during combat and the monitoring and protection required to ensure personnel safety. With our broad portfolio of high performance hydraulic, fuel, motion control, electrical and engine solutions, we develop safe, reliable and efficient military aircraft solutions for a variety of platforms. 

Our fuel and hydraulic systems are engineered to minimize the need for maintenance, increase uptime, and improve operational readiness. Utility actuation systems, like our nose wheel steering systems, improves the aircraft steering performance, while eliminating the need to disconnect the actuator for towing operation. Our close coupled design improves steering accuracy and shimmy damping performance. Our design also increases the powered steering angle increasing the aircraft mobility during taxi operations. Towing operation is also improved with 360 degree movement of the nose wheel.  And our engine solutions are enabling lighter, smaller footprint installations that offer reliable performance in harsh environments, minimize fuel burn and decrease carbon and GHG emissions. 

When it comes to aerial refueling, speed and accuracy is essential. And Eaton is known as one of the world's principal suppliers of aerial refueling equipment. Our components, from hoses and nozzles to pumps, valves and couplings, are engineered to increase efficiency to help keep aircraft in the air. 

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Embraer selects Eaton’s fuel-inerting solution for KC-390 aircraft

Read how we enhanced safety for the KC-390 while reducing overall aircraft weight and increasing reliability .

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