Eaton 5P rackmount compact UPS

Delivering business continuity and advanced management for edge computing and distributed IT environments.
When you need flexible and affordable protection for network and telecom equipment, IDF, servers, storage, VoIP and distributed IT, you should consider the Eaton 5P rackmount compact UPS. This 2U UPS has a reduced footprint, additional outlets and provides more flexibility for mounting configurations – all while maintaining reliability, security and reducing the risk of downtime. See how the Eaton 5P compact UPS stacks up.

Three reasons for choosing Eaton 5P compact UPS for your next edge deployment

What makes the Eaton 5P rackmount compact UPS different?

  • Flexibility: The all-inclusive rail kit design allows for wall-mounting, two-post and four-post mounting options, and expanded ease of implementation across multiple applications. Unlike some competitor models, the Eaton 5P compact UPS does not require you to purchase additional accessory kits.
  • Space savings: The Eaton 5P rackmount compact UPS features shorter depth (16”) for additional clearance in wall-mount racks
  • Compatibility: The 5P UPS is compatible with the latest power factor corrected (PFC) IT loads.
  • Protection: Eaton’s industry-leading warranty covers the UPS and batteries for three years.
  • Extended life: Eaton’s exclusive ABM technology helps extend the life of the UPS battery.
  • Manageability: By integrating  Intelligent Power Manager software, you can easily monitor and manage the power devices in your physical and virtual environments, keeping IT devices up and running during a power event.

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5P rackmount compact UPS models and competitor equivalent models

If you are considering the APC SMT1500RM2U or other similar models, make sure you are aware how Eaton’s popular compact UPS stacks up. What you find out may surprise you.


Eaton 5P1500RC


Tripp Lite SMART1500RM2U

CyberPower PR1500LCDRT2U

Shorter depth

16” or less for most wall-mount racks

tick mark   tick mark tick mark

Less than 45 lb (20.4 kg)

Ideal for most wall-mount racks 

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Ten sockets for connecting all your IT equipment tick mark      
Sufficient runtime on battery for graceful shutdown  tick mark tick mark tick mark tick mark
Accessory kit required for 2-post rack mounting or wall-mounting   tick mark tick mark  
Maximum output power rating of 1100 watts or more tick mark   tick mark tick mark

Optional network card 

The first in the industry to comply with UL-2900-2-2 cybersecurity standard

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Comparison based on specifications made public by manufacturer(s). Please check manufacturer website(s) for the most current specifications before making a purchase.