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Pow-R-Line 4D drawout panelboard

Eaton’s Pow-R-Line 4D panelboard is the industry’s first solution that offers an innovative draw-out moulded-case mechanism. A wall-mounted panelboard with front accessibility and front-connected equipment, it is an ideal solution anywhere that moulded case circuit breakers need to be updated, replaced or changed – especially those in data centres, industrial process controls, institutional and laboratory facilities and anywhere else where critical loads are found.

Pow-R-Line 4D drawout panelboard
Maximum voltage class
600 Vac
Interrupting rating
Up to 200kAIC
Continuous current rating
1200A (main), 600A (drawout)

Core features

  • First design to offer two and three-pole MCCBs in a mechanical drawout design
  • Breaker ratings from 20–600A use unique drawout cassette
  • Horizontally mounted in a traditional panelboard group-mounted manner
  • Copper and silver-plated copper bus
  • Metering, surge-protective devices available
  • CSA listed for wall-mounted applications from 600–2000A
  • Space saving, safe design
  • Ease of maintenance with faster removal and installation time to decrease downtime

Drawout MCCB features and benefits

Take a deep dive into the drawout MCCB and find out about its expedited maintenance, reduced equipment space and enhanced personnel safety.

See how it works

Watch the video to see how the drawout MCCB’s moulded case panelboard and switchboard work.

Selective coordination breaker application

Determine selective coordination by short circuit current ratings in panelboards

Customised solutions, customised service

Regional satellite locations provide manufacturing of local, customised and quick-ship panelboards and switchboards

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