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Underground pad-mount voltage regulator

Eaton's Cooper Power series pad-mounted voltage regulators provide state-of-the-art voltage regulation while reducing installation costs and preserving site aesthetics. The pad-mounted voltage regulator, in conjunction with pad-mounted transformers and switchgear, can be used to create low-profile modular substations. These low-profile substations will be unobtrusive and can usually be installed without fencing and possibly in shared rights-of-way locations. Pad-mounted voltage regulator offerings include single-phase, 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 versions.

CL-7 control and Quik-Drive tap changer
Cutting-edge voltage regulation technology
True pad-mount voltage regulator
Improved aesthetics with a small footprint
Advanced CL-7 control
Integrates now and into the future

Core features

  • Voltage regulation of 32 steps (approximately 5/8% per steps) for a maximum of ± 10% in wye-connected banks
  • Low-profile voltage regulation for underground distribution applications
  • Full metal cabinet meeting stringent tamper-resistance standards
  • Full metal barrier separating HV and control compartments
  • Advanced CL-7 SCADA-ready voltage regulator control
  • Bypass module available for single-phase designs

Pad-mounted step voltage regulation to meet power quality requirements

Voltage regulators provide regulation in 32 steps (approximately 5/8% per steps) for a maximum of ± 10% in wye-connected banks. Single-phase and 3-in-1 pad-mounted voltage regulators add a dimension to underground system planning by providing system planners freedom to improve the safety, reliability and power quality in existing and new underground distribution systems.

Improved safety and reliability

Pad-mounted voltage regulators meet industry standards for tamper resistance and provide the consistent reliability expected from Eaton. The pad-mounted voltage regulator provides all the functionality of traditional round tank pole-mounted and substation-mounted regulators, with the convenience of pad-mounting

Reduced costs with low-profile installation

The multi-phase pad-mounted voltage regulator provides state-of-the-art voltage regulation while both reducing installation costs and maintaining visual aesthetics. With a lower profile footprint than traditional overhead installations, they can be discretely installed in sensitive residential and commercial areas.

Advanced CL-7 voltage regulator control

The CL-7 voltage regulator control meets the needs of system planners today and in the future with integrated SCADA componentry and continuously evolving features. Advanced features enable easy integration into a smart grid enabled network because the CL-7 voltage regulator control is designed with communications and smart grid features in mind.