Foreseer electrical power monitoring system
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Foreseer electrical power monitoring system

Eaton’s Foreseer is an electrical power monitoring system (EPMS) that connects an operation’s vast array of devices, regardless of the manufacturer or model. Foreseer facilitates real-time power and environmental system monitoring at a single facility or multiple locations throughout the world, helping organisations reduce power consumption costs and avoid unplanned downtime due to system failure.

Power monitoring
Reduce energy and avoid downtime
24/7 visualisation
Turn complex data into valuable insight
Supports thousands of devices

Core features

  • Comprehensive monitoring improves power management
  • Extensive device-driven library interfaces to monitor a multitude of different device types/manufacturers
  • System includes power monitoring software, hardware and services to help safely and sustainably reduce unplanned downtime, energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Energy reporting helps track facility efficiency for improved energy management
  • Supports interfaces to building management systems, DCIM and other integrated systems
  • Web browser access and remote alarm/event notification provide seamless system visibility without the need for additional client user licences
  • Scalable from the smallest systems to the largest applications to meet existing and future needs
  • High-performance trend analysis and forecasting tools assess equipment performance through cause analysis, impact analysis, capacity planning, preventative maintenance assessments and more

The City of Thunder Bay Gets Integrated View of Power Usage Across Its Storm Water, Water Treatment, Storage & Pumping Stations with Eaton Foreseer

"Data is everything, and with the right data you can truly optimize your process controls. That’s what Foreseer delivers-the system information you need to vastly enhance energy efficiency." - Larry Holm, Superintendent Water Treatment Plant, City of Thunder Bay

Gain valuable insight across your entire infrastructure

Foreseer monitors an organisation’s vast array of devices – regardless of manufacturer or model – resulting in increased system efficiency, safety and predictability.

Find out more about Foreseer capabilities in these videos

    Vendor-independent, scalable solution

    Fully scalable to support a single data centre, facility or campus – or multiple facilities anywhere in the world – Foreseer is a vendor-neutral solution that supports thousands of devices, allowing for a scalable system that can grow from one location to locations around the globe.

    Save money through power and energy infrastructure management

    Foreseer identifies and analyses trends to help improve management, slash energy consumption and avoid downtime from system failure.
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