Synchronous condensers design and conversion
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Synchronous condensers design and conversion

Amid today’s changing landscape of generation sources and regulatory requirements, Eaton’s synchronous condensers provide turnkey solutions to help utility companies enhance grid stability, reliability and dynamic reactive power compensation. Enabling utilisation of existing assets in the wake of coal-power plant retirements, each synchronous condensers project is customised to a utility’s specific needs.

Synchronous condensers design and conversion

Core features

  • Supports voltage during peak conditions and system disturbances with the ability to produce or consume reactive power
  • Provides fault current capacity to the system 
  • Dynamic voltage control supports high-level adaptive voltage control strategies
  • Inertia provided to transmission system 
  • Reactive power compensation can be utilised alone or with other devices to regulate and control reactive power flows 
  • Addresses short-term overload with ability to supply many times rated output for short-time durations

Decades of expertise

With a long history of overseeing successful turnkey design/build projects including synchronous condenser conversion and new build projects, Eaton’s Electrical Engineering Services & Systems team is your single-source provider for designing, building and commissioning power system solutions.

A long-standing solution to address a new problem

As one of the oldest power system support technologies, synchronous condensers have made a resurgence in recent years as more modern power electronics designed to replace them are falling short in their capabilities. By providing core benefits such as reactive power compensation, dynamic voltage control and short-circuit capacity/overload capabilities, Eaton’s synchronous condensers help utilities achieve grid reliability, stability, inertia and strength.

Safety first

As one of the largest and most experienced teams in the industry, Eaton strives to create a zero-incident culture through the implementation of our Safety Policy including division safety managers, layered risk assessments and a “voice of the customer” campaign. You can rest assured that every Eaton service professional is dedicated to continually improving our environmental health and safety performance through prevention, protection and preparation.
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It’s all about you

Eaton’s engineering services team is dedicated to understanding your business so we can optimise your power system for safety, reliability and efficiency. With more than 1,500 experts in 60 locations throughout Canada and the USA, and more around the world trained on major manufacturers’ equipment, our experienced engineers can diagnose problems, identify ways to improve performance and transform concepts into practical solutions. With 24/7 support, we are available whenever you need us.

Turnkey solutions

From equipment modernisation/upgrade to complete design, construction and commissioning of a new substation, Eaton’s turnkey power system team has the expertise and resources to design and manage your entire project from start to finish. Achieve a safer, more reliable and cost-efficient power system and the convenience of a single point of contact to reduce risk, schedule and budget.


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