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Eaton UPS batteries

The single most important element of UPS performance is battery quality. That’s why Eaton offers a line of qualified premium batteries for use with Eaton UPS models. Eaton continuously scans the globe to ensure the highest-quality batteries are available and qualified for use. As new batteries are introduced, we apply a proven qualification process, testing them with our products to verify that they meet or exceed manufacturer specifications and supply maximum runtime. Make sure your UPS batteries are ready when it matters most.

Efficient battery design

Eaton’s battery design maintains runtime even after multiple discharges, giving you confidence that your batteries will perform as expected and keep your applications running.

NEW: Eaton 12V 620W battery replacement

The largest battery in the Eaton portfolio is everything you liked about the 12V 540W battery plus new additional benefits.

Easy-to-install batteries

Eaton UPS battery replacement procedures are easy to install and do not require special harnesses.

Eaton offers full three years of parts cover

Three years of parts cover with full (not pro-rated) replacement of any failed battery. If a battery fails within the first year, an Eaton-authorised technician will install the UPS battery replacement on site at no charge.

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