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Wheelock CLF Speaker files

Speaker/Speaker strobe lines Link
Exceder LSPK and LSPST3; E50, E60, E70, E90; E50H, E60H, E70H, E90H; ET70, ET90; STH-15 and cluster speakers
CLF files

Wheelock GLL files (EASE Evac)

Speaker Lines Speakers/Speaker Strobes Link
Wheelock E, ET, and STH speakers E50, E60, E70, E90, ET70, ET90, and STH
GLL files
Wheelock EH high fidelity speakers E50H, E60H, E70H, E90H
GLL files
Wheelock Exceder LED speakers, wall LSPST, LSPK
GLL files
Wheelock Exceder LED speakers, ceiling
GLL files
Wheelock Eluxa speakers  ELSPK, ELSPST Contact technical support @

WAVES GLL files (ease only)

Speaker lines Link
WAVES High Power Speaker Arrays (HPSA-8100-R, HPSA-7100-R)  GLL files

NAC Calculator

The Wheelock Notification Appliance Calculator allows users to input different variables such as distance of circuit, wire gauge, power supply and device type in order to calculate NAC currents and end-of-line voltage. It also enables users to calculate minimum battery amp hours required for the power supply.

Strobe Tool

Calculates spacing for wall and ceiling mounted strobe appliances (based on Chapter 7 of the 2002 edition of NFPA 72). The Strobe Tool calculates the illumination at each of the angles in the horizontal and vertical planes; calculations include the effect of polar distribution using the guidelines identified in UL 1971.

Strobe Facilitation Calculator

The Wheelock Facilitation Calculator for Strobes (strobe coverage tool) was created to assist you in the design of audible/visible notification device circuits.

Speaker Calculator

Provides an easy method for determining the maximum length of wire length allowed for use in a circuit, based on the power of the speaker to be used, the circuit’s voltage and wire gauge. It is also used to determine the quantity of ceiling or horn speakers required for use in a commercial paging system based on room dimensions.

Sound Clips

Eaton offers a variety of sound clips for its Wheelock notification appliances and SAFEPATH system.

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