Improve machine uptime with digital RCDs

Higher machine availability with digital residual current devices (RCDs)

Residual currents can pose a critical risk for operations and may even cause fires. Using RCDs mitigates the risk posed by residual currents. Our digital RCDs come with monitoring and pre-warning capabilities,  provide comprehensive protection against residual currents and help maximise uptime.           
Especially in tough environments where machines are constantly exposed to humidity, water, dirt or dust, there is a high risk that residual currents may affect production. In such situations, an RCD can safely switch off the power supply and help to avoid further damage to inventory. However, tripping during the day may cause longer production outages whilst the problem is being identified and rectified. Advanced digital RCDs offer local and remote monitoring and pre-warning capabilities. Based on this information, the maintenance team can plan preventative maintenance activities, thereby eliminating any issues before they affect production.

Airlight Energy installs safe and reliable parabolic troughs around the world.

Airlight Energy installs its solar collectors mainly in remote areas that are difficult to reach, with strong sunshine during the day and cold temperatures at night. In such challenging environments, the electronic and electrical equipment installed in each collector needs to be especially robust whilst combining high availability with easy maintenance.

Airlight Energy chose Eaton devices to protect its cables and circuits against overcurrents and short circuits, based on the overall service package and the high quality of our products, which made them ideally suitable for this demanding application.

Additional factors in the decision were Eaton’s global presence and the comprehensive international approvals of our products. With easy access to spare parts and local support, even in remote locations, Eaton is also able to support Airlight Energy's plans to export its systems globally.

Digital residual current devices (RCDs) help to make your operation more reliable

Residual current circuit breakers
Residual current circuit breakers
FRC digital residual current circuit breaker
Digital residual current circuit breakers
Digital residual current circuit breakers, SmartWire-DT
Digital residual current circuit breakers with SmartWire-DT connection
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