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Eaton 93PR UPS

The 93PR UPS is developed by Eaton’s global team using Eaton’s patented advanced power electronics technology that meets military-grade requirements. This UPS amply satisfies power reliability requirements for data centers from small to large, automation or medical applications and IT infrastructure in network wiring closets.

Power Rating
25–200 kW
UPS Output
380 / 400 / 415 V
UPS Type
Modular UPS

Core features

Increased scalability

  • Supports 8 units with different power modules in parallel for capacity up to 1.6 MW
  •  Provides an external battery cabinet and external battery shelf  for customizable power supply solutions

Outstanding efficiency

  •  Maximizes system efficiency with Eaton’s patented three-level technology and ESS energy management system
  •  Provides efficiency up to 96.5% in double-conversion mode, and 99%+ in ESS mode
  •  Improves efficiency while reducing energy consumption and cooling requirements with VMMS intelligent module sleep function as an environment-friendly solution

Safety and reliablity

  • Enhances system reliability with a redundant design for key components such as fans and power supplies
  • Minimizes failure rates with overall design, system testing, and comprehensive deployment

Management efficiency

  • Provides power and virtual system management with Intelligent Power Management (IPM) software
  • Supports automatic storage of application data and safe shutdown of the operating system with Intelligent Power Protection (IPP) software
  • Supports many communication accessories and ports
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