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Eaton 9SX (AP) UPS

Eaton 9SX (AP) UPS provide stable power for critical IT infrastructure device Industrial, Manufacturing and Medical device.The UPS use advanced technology to improve the double conversion efficiency and reduce the dimension. It helps user save both electricity bill and rack space cost. The UPS enhances robust design for hash environment and load. Reduce the application limited and expand the application area.

power rating.
input:output phase
Form factor

Core features

  • Input and output can be configured to 3 phase or 1 phase
  • Battery voltage can be set from 384VDC to 480VDC
  • 13A big charge current reduce racharge time. ABM® technology increases battery service life by 50 percent
  • Colorful touch panel. Build in gravity sensor to rotate the screen for rack installation and tower installation automaticly
  • Only 3U high, depth less than 600mm. Help IT manager to save rack space cost
  • Up to 3 UPS parallel can provide 2+1 redundancy or 3 times power expanding
  • 9SX integrates with leading virtualisation environments and cloud orchestrations tools with an optional network card and IPM Software