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Eaton DX UPS

The DX Series UPS is an online UPS with double-conversion topology that protects critical tasks from shutdown, data loss and damage. The UPS adapts to a wide range of input voltages from 110 to 296 V, and its integrated rectifiers and inverters protect output power from all abnormal inputs in harsh environments.

Eaton DX UPS
Power rating
1-20 VA
Form factor

Core features

  • Eliminates interference and ensures high power supply reliability with double-conversion topology
  • Support redundant parallel connection for 6–20 kVA models to form a more reliable system
  • Reduces harmonic interference and improves energy efficiency with an input power factor higher than 0.98
  • Supports SNMP protocol for network remote monitoring
  • Supports cold start in battery mode and portable power
  • Supports an expandable battery pack
  • Offers real-time UPS status monitoring with a user-friendly front panel interface
  • Guarantees normal equipment operation during overload or UPS failure with automatic bypass functionality