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Eaton E Rack

E-series Cabinets are Eaton’s new generation of relieable power racks and cabinets developed to help users equip their ideal data centers. They work with Eaton’s UPS and power distribution devices to ensure stable operation of complex servers and systems, thus improving power quality and product management.


Core features

  • Withstand more than 1200 kg of static load
  • Use advanced cold-rolled steel rods, meeting RoHs standards
  • Use a coating pretreated with grade 5 iron phosphate and a strong anti-scratch finish
  • Improve airflow with a door with a 75%+ open mesh and optional top-mounted fan
  • Offer flexible usability with vertical rail mounting and adjustable depth
  • Provide a variety of sizes to meet requirements of computer rooms and also support customization of specific sizes
  • Provide all necessary accessories such as embedded vertical trunk, parallel kit, copper grounding bar and screw package
  • Support a wide range of options for airflow and cable management
  • Comply with EIA-310D and IEC-60297-2 standards and are compatible with all 19-inch standard IT equipment