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Eaton iCube-MR

Eaton iCube™ Multi-cabinet is a classic solution from Eaton for small- and medium-sized computer rooms designed for the diverse needs of users. It is a modular cabinet solution that includes the cabinets and modules such as UPS, power distribution, cooling, monitoring, and cabling systems and is widely used in small- and medium-sized data centers, branch office computer rooms, centralized management distributed computer rooms and scalable data centers, etc.

System capacity
15 / 20 / 25 kVA
System PUE
Optimal to 1.5
Ordinary floor / elevated floor

Core features

● Uses standardized sub-modules to build customizable solutions for different business requirements

● Adopts a modular design and compact structure with a smaller footprint for low installation site requirements and rapid deployment

● Improves the cooling efficiency with embedded precision air conditioning and a sealed cabinet channel design segregating hot and cold airflow

● Effectively manages power and cooling demands with a modular design that avoids capacity waste and boosts efficiency

● Uses a plug-and-play rack-mounted monitoring system that supports centralized monitoring of equipment such as UPS, air conditioning and power distribution, and parameters such as temperature, humidity, smoke, water leakage and door magnetism and connection to fire prevention and video monitoring systems

● Integrates seamlessly with IT equipment space and airflow channels using Eaton’s Wright Line deluxe cabinet design that reduces the need for bulky connections and meets modern computer room requirements