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Eaton iCube-SR

The Eaton iCube™ Single-cabinet solution is an integrated standardized cabinet product that Eaton has designed for the specific needs of IT infrastructure in branch office computer rooms. The cabinets use an integrated design, standardized production and standard rack design and mounting methods, and include subsystem modules of the power supply, power distribution, cabinet, cooling, monitoring and lighting. They are widely used in branch office wiring closets, computer rooms of bank and telecommunication branch office, computer rooms at small- and medium-sized enterprises, energy- and chemical-industry central control rooms, rail traffic stations, small transformer substations, and power plants.


Power Rating
AC 220 V, single phase, 50 / 60 Hz, 4.0 kW
Maximum power density
3.0 kW / rack
Max 2.7 kW / Max 3 kW

Core features

  • Shortens delivery time and enables rapid deployment since it can be delivered fully-assembled and only onsite UPS mounting and outdoor AC unit connection are needed
  • Ensures high reliability with rigorous design and factory inspection
  • Supports remote real-time monitoring with a large seven-inch screen and centralized monitoring system
  • Employs a fully enclosed, external compressor design that is dust-proof, low-noise and environment-friendly 
  • Offers high energy utilization rate with a system PUE that can reach up to 1.2
  • Meets aesthetic demands of a modern computer room with Eaton’s standardized design