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Power Xpert 9395

The Power Xpert 9395 UPS is Eaton’s fifth-generation high-power uninterruptible power supply. This UPS adopts advanced power electronics technology and is designed for real-world users' load environments and characteristics, and can be applied to data centers, communication centers, computer rooms, factory automation, medical systems, and large office spaces.

Power Rating
200–1200 kVA
UPS Output
380 / 400 / 415 V
UPS Type
Scalable UPS

Core features

  • Ensures high quality and reliability with a highly redundant design based on military-grade research and development
  • Reduces test costs using the new generation of Easy Load load testing technology that can do full-load testing without false loads
  • Saves costs with Eaton’s new ESS energy management system that improves energy conversion efficiency
  • Improves system usability with a modular design that supports easier upgrade, maintenance, and parallel redundancy
  • Uses advanced sixth-generation IGBT rectifiers with an input power factor up to 0.99, low harmonic interference, and high compatibility with generators
  • Achieves synchronization, load sharing and selective tripping by using Eaton’s patented Hot Sync paralleling technology 
  • Extends battery life by using ABM™ intelligent battery management technolog
  • Improves compatibility with generators by using a power-grid-friendly design with no feedback pollution