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Eaton SAC Cooling

SAC precision air conditioners are new-generation highly reliable CRACs designed for the ever-demanding power density, environmental protection and energy conservation needs of modern data centers. This family of products can meet the cooling needs of modern computer room equipment to provide a safe, reliable and stable environment.

refrigerating capacity
27.6–103.6 kw
blast capacity
7,300–24,300 m3/h
air supply mode
Upper and lower supply

Core features

  • Feature high airflow together with industry-leading energy-saving ratio and sensible heat ratio
  • Provide excellent temperature and humidity control and reliability
  • Include an adjustable fan connected directly to the AC
  • Offer easy maintenance by front entry for all operations
  • Save space in the computer room with a compact structure and smaller footprint
  • Support various optinal accessories
  • Integrate seamlessly with many of Eaton’s UPSs and power distribution systems