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Eaton E Series

Eaton’s classic E range final terminal power distribution products provides simplicity feature of products and main breaking capacity of 6 kA. E range is widely used in residential building markets and non-export OEM customers with further market segmentation to fully satisfy customers’ different requirements. The products are designed in Germany with their parts produced in Europe. The finished goods are assembled in local sole proprietorship factories, providing high performance, high quality and excellent cost performance. 

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Core features

  • Accurate current tripping setting, ensuring reliable protections to your circuits and loads
  • Providing powerful isolation function, specially applicable for use in terminal box as main switch, without additional special isolation switch. Thus, about 8% cost is saved for your terminal box.
  • Simple product range, easy for fast selection and saving time for designers
  • With 6kA breaking capacities, capable for working at various applications
  • Extremely high breaking capacity and superior current limiting characteristics, increasing safety of electrical system with reduced system impulse due to faults
  • With dual terminal design on both sides, you can install both conductors and bus bars with increased connection capacity and connection flexibility, ensuring flexible and safe connection.
  • It can be fitted with various accessories such as auxiliary contact, alarming contact, shunt release, undervoltage release
  • Wide working temperature, and can be used in each kind of cruel environments, including outdoor equipments like wind power, electric cars charging stations
  • With green environment concept, the products are fully RoHS compliant.
  • Product design in accordance with IEC/EN60898,GB10963 and other latest international and national standards
  • Product certificates:CCC,CE
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