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OEM components product portfolio

Eaton’s extensive OEM components product portfolio provides users with unlimited flexibility and customization. This portfolio ranges from basic to 100% complete product solutions. Users will appreciate the modular approach to circuit protection and the ability to meet any project specification. Eaton provides OEM’s the unique opportunity to select the appropriate building block to match their manufacturing and engineering requirements.  

Core features

  • Basic to 100% mechanically complete switchgear provides integrated solutions for any customer.
  • Power Modules provide complete structures including fully equipped breaker compartment and auxiliary provisions.
  • Mini Modules provide a simple building block approach configured to any project specification.
  • Compartment kits provide all breaker/cell interfacing parts necessary to build a breaker compartment.
  • Auxiliary drawers and a complete selection of standard and optional tools and accessories available for additional support.

Custom and flexible solutions

Eaton's OEM medium voltage components are designed with the customer in mind. Our broad offering provides ultimate customization and flexibility, helping to complete any job at hand.