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SDQ Inductor

Eaton's SDQ power inductors utilize ferrite material in a dual winding, shielded drum core construction to reduce EMI. They can be used as either a single inductor, or in coupled inductor/transformer applications.  Windings can be connected in series or in parallel. The SDQ comes in four sizes.  Current ratings range from 0.063 A to 6.43 A. Inductance ratings range from 0.39 uH to 4.03 mH. 

SDQ power inductors can be used in several applications including mobile phones, notebook and laptop power, digital cameras, media players, buck, boost, coupled inductors, PCMCIA cards, GPS systems,  transformer: (1:1), SEPIC, flyback.

SDQ Indictor
Windings can connect in series or in parallel
Single inductor or coupled for inductor/transformer applications

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Circuit protection, power magnetics and supercapacitors designed for automotive applications.

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