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EMS2 electronic motor starter

The EMS2 electronic motor starter from Eaton's Moeller series combines all the functions of a conventional motor starter in a single, highly compact device. With a width of only 22.5 mm, it can be used in any application where motors up to 3 kW need to be driven. The EMS2 electronic motor starter can handle DOL and reversing starts, while offering wide-range overload protection and an emergency-stop function (Sil3). The SmartWire-DT interface replaces the conventional control wiring and also provides additional information.

EMS2 electronic motor Eaton Moeller series combines 5 functions of a conventional motor starter
Service life:
30 million operations
Switching technology:
hybrid technology
5 functions in 1 device

Core features

  • DOL and reversing starts
  • Motor output (AC-3 / 400 V) 0.06...3 kW
  • Wide-range overload protection
  • Emergency-stop contactor (SIL3)
  • 22.5 mm wide
  • Additional monitoring functions via SmartWire-DT
  • Hybrid switching technology
  • ATEX approval
  • Short-circuit protection

Multi-functional – 5 in 1

Electronic motor protection, Integrated reversing starter, Safe stop, Intelligent networking, Motor starter with long service life (hybrid switching technology)

Easy. Multi-functional. Safe.

Compared to conventional motor starters, the EMS2 makes it much easier and faster to implement applications with safe stop in accordance with SIL 3 and PLe. The multi-functional design makes it easier to set up the main/control circuits, thereby reducing the number of hardware components by 70 %.

SmartWire-DT – added value for your entire machine

The SmartWire-DT system replaces the conventional control wiring of switchgear with a communications-enabled plug-in connection. This in turn reduces the time required for wiring, testing and commissioning to a minimum.

The motor starter feeder system – simple, flexible and safe

With the optional EMS-X accessory, the EMS2 electronic motor starter can be easily integrated into the feeder system without using any tools. As the plug-in technology automatically establishes an electrical and mechanical connection to the feeder module, the motor starter is immediately ready for use.
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