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M-Max micro variable frequency drives

Demand more simplicity.

The M-Max series of variable frequency drive is a compact system with a broad power range. Factor in the conformal board coating, unique mounting characteristics, simple programming, and its 50°C Rating and the M-Max is perfectly suited for machinery applications in many industries including material handling, HVAC, pumping and more.

M-Max Variable Frequency Drive

Core features of the M-Max micro VFD

  • Global acceptance
  • 50C ambient temperature environments
  • Conformal coating standard
  • Modbus-RTU as standard serial fieldbus
  • NEMA 1 kits available
  • Side-by-side mounting and orientation flexibility to maximize panel space
  • Temperature controlled cooling fan to increase efficiency and extend life
  • On-board start-up wizard and preset macros to simplify commissioning

Explore the unique features of the M-Max variable frequency drive.

These microprocessor-based drives have standard features that can be programmed to tailor the drive’s performance to suit a wide variety of application requirements.

The M-Max product line uses a 32-bit microprocessor and insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) that provide quiet motor operation, high motor efficiency, and smooth low speed performance.

The size and simplicity of the M-Max make it ideal for hassle-free installation. 

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Get up to speed on the latest energy management techniques for your application

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