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XC300 modular programmable logic controllers
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XC300 modular programmable logic controllers

The XC300 is a powerful and flexible modular PLC that enables machine and plant manufacturers to implement lean and modern automation concepts. The three variants feature high processor performance, I/Os on board and integrated RS485, CAN and independent Ethernet interfaces. In addition, the VISU-WEB and the OPC-UA server make the device a communication node in the implementation of system concepts based on Industry 4.0. The XC-303 devices can also be flexibly expanded with the components of the XN300 I/O system and create solutions with a high connection density in the smallest space.

XC300 modular PLC
Secure and segmented communication:
Up to 3 separate Ethernet interfaces
Powerful processor:
Task cycle times up to 500µs
Future-proof devices:
Realization of Industry 4.0 concepts

Core features

  • ARM CORTEX A7 Dual Core @960 MHz processor
  • Integrated CAN and Ethernet interfaces
  • Visu WEB (HTML5) and OPC-UA server
  • Plug-in connections
  • Expandable via the XN300 I/O system

Comprehensive functions and interfaces

The three device variants of the XC300 have up to three independent Ethernet interfaces for operation in different networks. In addition, the RS485 and 2xCAN interfaces as well as 4xI/O channels with their own power supply complement the functions for using the device as a universal control and communication point.

Compact automation concepts

Combining the devices with the I/O systems from the XN300 range allows user to create tailor-made solutions while keeping the footprint to a minimum. Both the XC300 devices and the XN300 modules feature an attractive, uniform design, which can be combined with Eaton’s innovative XV300 touch panels to implement powerful, state-of-the-art automation concepts. The connection between the XC300 controller and the XN300 system can be implemented locally or remotely.

Communication is its strength

The XC300 PLC integrates seamlessly into existing automation solutions and also enables new, innovative machine and system concepts based on Industry 4.0. User administration, segmentation, encryption and certificate-based authentication based on current standards in communication and security technology (TLS/IPSec) protect against unauthorized access to the machine and manipulation of the user program. The device also supports CODESYS visualization via the HTML 5 WEB server (https) and password-protected access to the file system (sftp). The OPC-UA server for M2M communication for remote operation and maintenance complements the communication profile for the perfect entry into the world of industry 4.0.

Seamless integration

The XC300 devices can be programmed and visualized with CODESYS 3 via any Ethernet interface. Existing programs and libraries can be used on all XC devices.

XC300 modular PLC

Smart control system for series machine construction as a made-to-measure solution for your machine

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