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XN300 I/O system

Our ultra-compact, slice-based XN300 I/O system with push-in connectors and high connection density can be used as a local I/O level for the Eaton XC300 PLC or, via gateways, as a remote I/O level in CAN and EtherCAT networks. In combination with our HMI/PLC products, it enables modern automation solutions for the production of standard machines. Various models and the application-oriented functions of the I/O modules increase flexibility, reduce equipment costs and enable customized system solutions while keeping the footprint to a minimum. The user-friendly installation of the cutting-edge I/O slices simplifies handling and enables the I/O block and the sensors and actuators to be pre-assembled. The plug-in connections and the clear signal assignment simplify commissioning and extend the functionality of the system, enabling it to meet the specific requirements of the machine-building sector.

XN300 I/O station
Space-saving design:
Up to 20 channels on a surface of 12.5x102mm
Rapid backplane communications:
Response times of < 1 ms
Time saving pre-assembly:
Configurations with up to 32 participants

Core features

  • Modular I/O system
  • Various I/O functions are available
  • Can be used as a local or remote I/O
  • Compact design
  • Pluggable connection level with push-in technology
  • Tool-free installation
  • Gateways for CAN and EtherCAT communication
  • Marine approvals

Easy and flexible installation

The XN300 modules can simply be snapped into place on the DIN rail - no additional tools are required. This simplifies installation and enables the rapid replacement of individual modules. The cables simply have to be pushed into the push-in connector to make the system operational.

High modularity with a small footprint

The possibility of combining different modules as required turns the XN300 into the ideal system solution for a broad range of applications. The basic product portfolio also includes gateway modules that support all Eaton I/O system components. Digital modules, which can be used both as input/output and relay modules, enable multiple application options. Analog input/output and multi-functional modules, which can perform mixed functions, are also available. Technology modules, which can, for example, be used for weighing, counting or to drive motors, further expand the scope of application.

Top performance

Via the CANopen gateway, the XN300 can be integrated at fieldbus level into a powerful system that meets the requirements of even the most demanding applications. The fast "backplane" communications in the CANopen system environment enable response times of less than 1 ms, which remain constant even at the maximum number of 640 channels.


The XN300-Assist software tool supports the planning and commissioning of the XN300 modules. In addition to online features, such as the reading and setting of signal states and parameters, important auxiliary functions, including a validity check, can be performed offline.