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Commercial metering switchboard

NEMA Standard PB-2 and UL 891 Commercial Metering switchboards combine circuit breakers, chassis, surge protection, and meter sockets, as well as additional Eaton electrical products. These include assemblies that meet utility requirements for bulb-type watt-hour meters and electronic tenant metering switchboards. Commercial Metering switchboards are available for both EUSERC and non-EUSERC applications.

Commercial metering switchboard

Core features

  • Available in NEMA Type 1 and Type 3R enclosures
  • Offers aluminum or copper bus options
  • Provides service entrance capability
  • Offers tenant main disconnects and meter sockets (200 A maximum self-contained metered circuits) sections for metered circuits larger than 200 vA
  • Includes WWCMS option for self-contained meter sockets that include a test bypass/disconnect block per EUSERC requirements and typically arranged for hot-sequence metering
  • Provides WCMS option for self-contained meter sockets that includes a manual lever bypass that can be arranged for either hot- or cold-sequence metering

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