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Commercial Safety Sockets

Eaton's Commercial Safety Sockets are used in EUSERC utility regions. They offer durable enclosures with NEMA 3R construction, making them effective for indoor and outdoor applications. When you use these Commercial Safety Sockets there is no additional equipment to purchase for specific installation conditions, granting greater overall flexibility and lower overall cost. Users also have the option to choose no secondary feeder, overhead combination units, or underground combination units.  


Core features

  • Both no-secondary-feeder and underground combination units have bussed connection from meter socket to test block.
  • NEMA 3R construction means units work for indoor and outdoor applications, which means no need to purchase additional equipment for specific installation conditions.
  • No-secondary-feeder units can be individually mounted with provisions for hub kits and pole mounting.
  • Overhead combination units have factory-cabled connections from test block to line side of tenant main.
  • Underground combination units have underground or overhead feed, and load wires can exit top or bottom, which affords greater flexibility during installation.

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