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Low Voltage Switchgear
Cooper Low Voltage Power Distribution and Motor Control Center
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Cooper Low Voltage Power Distribution and Motor Control Center

The LSN Low Voltage Switchgears are Eaton's drawer-style switchgears designed for rapidly evolving low voltage power distribution systems. These switchgears have a rated current up to 6300 A and are mainly used for motor control and power distribution centers in power distribution systems up to 690 V. They are widely used in such areas as power plants, substations and industrial mining enterprises. 


Core features

Reliable operation

  • Prevents misoperation with reliable independent interlocking mechanism
  • Satisfies internal arc standard of up to 100 kA / 400 ms, and supports ARCON® and ARMS® installation for more safety and reliability
  • Employs standardized fully-insulated busbar design for better insulation
  • Uses 9 degree earthquake-proof design for safe operation in environments prone to strong earthquakes

System flexibility

  • Easy to expand and upgrade, supports multiple ways of assembling in a compact and space-saving layout 
  • Uses symmetric dual busbar design for more flexible drawer exchangeability
  • Allows easy cable installation with cable entries from any side

Optimized investment 

  • Optimizes the use of space with maximum density single-sided drawers
  • Requires less installation space with single / dual busbar combination
  • Uses modular design to facilitate exchange of components and drawer units for minimal impact on the system operation

Reliable operation 

  • Meets GB7251.1 and IEC60439-1 standards, and complies with ISO9000 and ISO14000 standards
  • Uses only Eaton manufactured components to ensure optimum operation

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