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Low Voltage Switchgear
Cooper LSN-DS low voltage power distribution and control box
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Cooper LSN-DS low voltage power distribution and control box

LSN-DS Low Voltage Power Distribution and Control Boxes are Eaton’s innovative control boxes. These power switchgears meet GB7251.1 standards and fully comply with national compulsory product certification requirements. They work in low voltage power distribution systems in such places as data centers, power plants, substations, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, machinery industries and high buildings. 

Cooper LSN-DS

Core features

  • Allows on-site flexibility with door mounting from the inside or outside and on the left or right, and supports single or dual power supply
  • Uses fully rated neutral link with double bolts and standard molded circuit breakers with corresponding current rating
  • Facilitates cable connection with its large size and openings at both the top and the bottom
  • Supports contactors and motor controls installation in its deep case
  • Uses main isolator in fully shrouded distribution box and safety interlocks with the door for safety and reliability
  • Uses rugged 2 mm sheet metal for casing (optional for cabinets taller than 1000 mm)

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