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Low Voltage Switchgear
Cooper MLS-type Low-voltage Withdrawable Switchgear
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Cooper MLS-type Low-voltage Withdrawable Switchgear

MLS-type Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgears are Eaton’s new generation of drawer-style switchgears that incorporate the century of Eaton's experience in power distribution system design and manufacturing. These switchgears are suitable for power distribution systems whose rated voltage is below 660 V. They can be used with Eaton's other switchgears, transformers, capacitors and fuses to provide users with a complete turnkey solution for low voltage power distribution. 


Core features

Reliable operation

  • With a polyurethane divider installed between the busbar chamber and the electrical components chamber, prevents arc flashes from causing other accidents
  • Supports optional installations of ARCON® and ARMS® for greater safety
  • Applies galvanized metal base plates in drawers and fire-proof plastic parts for better isolation  between every circuit

Flexible structure

  • Supports up to 36 circuits in a compact structure for the highest installation density
  • Allows back to back cabinet installation and either fixed or withdrawable cabinet style 
  • Uses a standardized structure for flexible assembly, and supports customization of the protection level
  • Uses a unique mechanical locking mechanism and thus supports flexible operation without special tools
  • Provides flexible incoming and outgoing lines with different dimensions that can meet the needs of any users
  • Reliable quality
  • Supports main busbar rated current up to 5000 A and withstand current up to 100 kA / 1 s
  • Complies with GB7251.1 and IEC60439 standards with the entire series certified by passing third-party type tests

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