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Eaton IPDU

iPDU Precision Distribution Unit is Eaton's new generation distribution cabinet, specially designed for common single-point failures in power systems. Designed to monitor and manage independent shunts, the iPDU increases power reliability at data centers for a brand-new management and construction experience. This distribution cabinet is primarily for medium to large data centers and data rooms in institutions including financial, telecommunication and governmental, airports and hospitals.


Core features

Flexible and easy to install

  • Uses standard 19-inch 42U network server rack
  • Uses modular design for a smaller footprint
  • Supports many types of power inputs and can introduce system redundancy
  • Allows replacement or addition of switch connections without turning off power 

Intelligent management and easy operation

  • Permits viewing power quality data in real time by using human-machine interface (HMI)
  • Uses Modbus standard communication protocol for remote real-time monitoring
  • Supports sound and light warnings for overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, frequency overrun, neutral and phase anomalies and breaker failure for both the main circuit and shunts
  • Saves historical information for troubleshooting via panel

Reliable, safe and quality guaranteed

  • Uses Eaton core components for guaranteed quality and reliability
  • Uses double-door design to maximize operator safety
  • Uses reliable grounding system and overvoltage protection circuit to guarantee reliable power supply
  • Supports optional features such as hot-swappable switch, built-in dry-isolation transformer, lightning protection module, emergency power off (EPO) / remote emergency power off (REPO)

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