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Eaton Licensable Busduct System Mempower XP

Licensable Busduct System Mempower XP is Eaton's compact, low-impedance, sandwich-style busbar. Theses popular busbars cover ratings from 500 A to 6300 A and are compatible with a wide range of accessories and plug-in units for flexible installation. 


Core features

  • Comes with either a copper or aluminum body
  • Offers standard lengths of one, two and three meters or any customized length between 200 mm and 3000 mm
  • Offers full range of accessories, including flange units, elbows and plug-in units
  • Guarantees safety rating of IP4X or IP54
  • Uses low-weight aluminum housing
  • Uses torque-indicating bolts that allow visual confirmation of proper torque for simpler installation
  • Connects safely without thermal expansion joints

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