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Eaton Low Voltage Licensable Assemblies MODAN 6000
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Eaton Low Voltage Licensable Assemblies MODAN 6000

The MODAN 6000 series is one of the world's leading power switchgears and can be easily combined with Eaton's other switchgears to ensure the highest performance. This switchgear can serve as power distribution centers, motor control centers and power lighting centralized control systems. It is widely used in servicing power stations, subways, the petrochemical industry, drilling platforms, municipal engineering works, commercial construction, mining enterprises and high-rise buildings. 


Core features

  • Supports modification of drawer units without interrupting power supply for easy upgrades
  • Supports mixing drawer-style, plug-in-style and fixed dividers for high flexibility
  • Uses a frame structure that supports compact back-to-back installation for a smaller footprint and maintenance-free experience
  • Uses standard components and installation process for high compatibility and simple installation
  • Guarantees service life of more than 30 years
  • Supports different protection levels to suit actual requirements
  • Includes ARCON® arc fault protection system to effectively prevent arc hazards
  • Complies with IEC60439-1, GB7251.1, VDE0660 and Part500 / 1994 standards
  • Meets special requirements for earthquake, shock and impact resistance and can offer relevant seismic test reports

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