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Low Voltage Switchgear
Eaton Power Xpert DX Low Voltage Power Distribution And Motor Control Center
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Eaton Power Xpert DX Low Voltage Power Distribution And Motor Control Center

 Power Xpert DX Low Voltage Power Distribution And Motor Control Center is Eaton’s most advanced low-voltage switchgear solution package. It incorporates Arc Free / Arc Proof design to be a leader in the industry in terms of reliability and safety. Key industrial, petrochemical applications, infrastructure facilities, data centers and commercial systems use this switchgear for reliable motor control and power distribution. The Power Xpert® DX is Eaton's best solution for low voltage power supply and control when combined with Eaton's other equipment and services.


Core features

Safe operation

  • Withdrawable units with reliable interlocking mechanisms to ensure operator safety 
  • Internal arc requirement of 100 kA / 300 ms with an Arc Free / Arc Proof design and optional Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System (ARMS®)
  • AG3 / AG5 earthquake protection and applicable to nuclear islands 

Design for flexibility

  • Modular design and compact structure, which is easy to expand and upgrade
  • Fully isolated, symmetric dual busbar design for increased drawer interchangeability
  • Open top for easy on-site cabinet connection
  • Customizable design to meet the needs of any industry 

Optimized investment

  • Single / Dual busbars for a higher density of drawer units and a more compact structure
  • Modular design for easier replacement of components and drawer units with minimal impact on the system
  • High-quality materials and elements to ensure long-term safety for the electrical system
  • Eaton digital equipment for intelligent power distribution 
  • Reliable operation
  • Fully tested and certified as compliant with the latest standards
  • Manufactured in Eaton factories, ISO9000 and ISO14000 certified
  • High-quality Eaton components installed for optimized operations on the power switchgear

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