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Residential meter breakers

Eaton's Residential Meter Breakers save time and cost by providing contractors with all-in-one service entrance equipment. They allow for quick, flexible, simple installation, and can be used with BR- or CH-type branch circuit breaker styles. Constructed to be a self-contained durable enclosure and meet the latest NEC wire bending space requirements, they are particularly useful for residential metering in areas where utilities are deregulated, and the electrical contractor has to supply watt-hour meter sockets. 

Core features

  • Can be used with both type BR and CH type branch circuit breaker styles for installation flexibility.
  • Constructed to meet the latest NEC wire bending space requirements.
  • Multiple features make installation fast and easy: slotted sealing screws at hub with sealing provision; surface units come with mounting tabs; semi-flush units come with stucco flange; meter socket ring landing accepts locking security rings; many units have center keyhole for ease of mounting.
  • Options on various models offer installation flexibility: overhead or underground service; fifth jaw fits at 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock position; semi-flush with nail flange or surface mounting.

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