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Eaton XAP Series Busduct Systems

The XAP Series Busduct Systems is specially designed by Eaton, one of professional bus duct manufactures, to meet the latest market requirements. It can be installed vertically or horizontally and covers current ratings from 250 A to 6300 A, making it suitable for factories, data centers and commercial areas. 

Core features


  • Uses a phase bar with a capacity greater than 50% for grounding, thus ensuring safe operation
  • Uses Mylar EL polyester film for insulation up to 10 kV per layer and a fire rating up to class B, making it safe and green


  • Comes compatible with Eaton's DX switchboards and panelboards
  • Offers IP65 protection for feeder busway and IP54 protection for plug-in bars
  • Offers a full family of busway plug-in units and accessories

Economical and environment-friendly

  • Uses 99.95% pure copper conductor for low line loss
  • Uses lightweight and environment-friendly, non-magnetic aluminum-magnesium alloy housing for no hysteresis current loss
  • Employs high-strength H-type concentrated construction for high mechanical strength, good heat dissipation and thermal stability
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Meets GB7251.1 / .6 and IEC61439-1 / -6 standards and has CCC, CB and KEMA certification
  • Complies with IEC61439 fire-resistance standards, IEC60068 anti-seismic AG3 standards and IEC62262 mechanical impact IK10 standards

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