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Integrated facility systems (IFS) switchboard

NEMA Standard PB-2 and UL 891 Integrated Facility Systems (IFS) switchboards combine circuit breakers, chassis, and transformers, as well as other Eaton electrical products. IFS switchboards integrate electrical distribution components that are traditionally separate, and control equipment into a single, space-saving, factory-assembled and connected product.


Core features

  • Minimizes total footprint by up to 50% to reduce electrical floor space 
  • Simplifies construction to reduce timely coordination and installation of the electrical system
  • Consolidates stand-alone equipment into a single package to simplify delivery, reduce equipment costs and maximize savings
  • Integrates metering and surge protection devices
  • Offers service entrance capability
  • Available in NEMA Type 1 or 3R Enclosures
  • Offers aluminum or copper bus options

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