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Power Xpert Meter 3000

Eaton’s Power Xpert Meter 3000 (PXM3000) offers comprehensive world-class power and energy measurement and monitoring that reduce day-to-day operating costs and help avoid costly business interruptions. Meters can be used in various applications, including energy management, monitoring circuit loading, and identifying power quality problems.

Power Xpert Meter 3000

Cost-effective metering solution

The PXM3000 is a revenue grade power and energy meter that delivers a cost-effective solution for energy and sub-metering applications.

The PXM3000 energy meter enables you to reduce and control your demand for energy by making consumption more predictable, helping to minimize downtime and increase maintenance efficiency.  

By meeting ANSI C12.20, and IEC 62053-22 metering accuracies at 0.2%, the PXM3000 provides accurate data by sample cycling in 128 intervals, enabling you to manage utility costs more effectively and efficiently through Eaton’s own intuitive web interface.  

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Access critical data

Eaton provides customers a new level of accessibility to the critical information required to manage your electrical distribution system. 

The PXM3000 meter uses an embedded Web server that includes real-time circuit information in both numeric and graphical visual formats to help monitor circuit parameters, such as current loading, voltage and power levels, and power factor. 

The embedded web server allows users to see demand comparisons, trends, record waveforms, and harmonics directly in the Web browser or LCD meter graphic display.

Achieving requirements through the cloud

The PXM3000 meter is a cloud-enabled meter that supports new energy code sub-metering requirements, by featuring Ethernet and cloud-connected functionalities.

This meter is designed to store 4GB worth of data and up to three years of historical trends in the cloud, helping to meet energy code requirements

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ASHRAE 90.1 compliance help

The PXM3000 easily integrates into Eaton's Power Xpert Energy Visualization & Analytics (PXEVA) software, which helps to meet ASHRAE 90.1 compliance for commercial properties

Core features

  • ANSI C12.20 and IEC 62053-22 revenue grade accuracy will help meet stringent customer specifications
  • Available in 5A and 333mV CT type inputs, allow for ease of use in multiple applications
  • Rogowski coils allow for ease of use in retrofit applications
  • Multiple communication protocols including Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP and with available HTTP push allowing to send data to the cloud helps meet energy code data storage requirements
  • The PXM3000 meter combines state-of-the-art technology with harmonic viewing, data trending, performance benchmarking and waveform recording through an embedded Web server accessible from any location via a standard Web browser
  • The embedded Web server supports viewing of triggered waveforms one channel at a time, including the ability to zoom and to scroll horizontally using a slider bar. Waveforms are stored in the meter’s non-volatile flash memory using an industry standard Comtrade format, allowing you to view and analyze the waveforms in any standard free-of-charge or commercial COMTRADE file viewer
  • Offers maximum flexibility in waveform recording by allowing the number of recorded waveform cycles, number of pre- and post-event cycles, and sampling rate to be configured to your system requirements
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