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Power Xpert Multi-Point Meter

Eaton Power Xpert Multi-Point meter (PXMP) helps facility managers track and accurately allocate energy usage among tenants or departments in office buildings, shopping malls, industrial sites, universities and campuses, apartment and condominium complexes. Power Xpert Multi-Point Meters monitor, quantify and help benchmark energy usage.

Accurately allocate cost
Facility optimization
Real-time energy data

Intelligent energy savings

The Power Xpert Multi-Point Meter can monitor energy consumption as well as gas, water and steam to manage facilities’ entire utility footprint. With accurate energy information, facility managers can have the data needed to make intelligent energy savings decisions.

Core features

  • Meets rigid ANSI C12.20 and IEC 62053-22 accuracy specifications for revenue meters
  • Quick connect terminals for current sensors, Modbus communication, and bus voltages
  • Monitors power and energy for up to 60 current sensors; scalable from 6 to 60 circuits
  • 256 MB of standard memory for up to two years of 15-minute interval data
  • Extensive LEDs for verification of sensor connections, communication status, and equipment status
  • Automatically detects rating of each current sensor; current sensors are self-protecting in the event of an open circuit condition under load for added safety and reliability

Cost-effective. Scalable.

The Eaton Power Xpert Multi-Point Meters provide a cost-effective, scalable approach to meter energy in assemblies or power distribution equipment with a high density of metering points.

Built-in communication capabilities

The Power Xpert Multi-Point Meters enable remote meter reading and monitoring through the optional Energy Portal Module. Power Xpert Multi-Point Meters can be used with Ethernet networks and modems and are equipped with serial-based Modbus.

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