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Generator quick connect switchboard

Eaton's Generator Quick Connect switchboard provides a solution to getting your facility back on line safely and quickly during unexpected power outages. Designed to meet UL891, the switchboard’s color-coded, cam-type plug receptacles are readily accessible and eliminate cable connection guesswork, avoiding hazards associated with opening electrical panels and exposing workers to potentially dangerous conditions.


Core features

  • Available in NEMA 1 and Type 3R enclosures
  • Provides a permanent connection point for mobile power to increase safety and reliability during lost-power conditions
  • Uses mechanical lugs for an alternate method of connecting generator cables
  • Offers switchboards with Type 3R enclosures that can be installed outside of a building, allowing the parking of large mobile units
  • Provides a simple connection that allows staff to quickly direct their attention to other important situations during power losses

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