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Definite purpose motor control

Adaptability made easy

Definite purpose contactors and starters are electrically operated switching devices specifically designed for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC) industry. They are subjected to stringent quality assurance inspections and testing procedures. Suitable for low duty-cycle applications requiring low cost switching of single- and three-phase loads, such as small motors and resistive heating loads.

Definite purpose motor control

Definite purpose motor control core features

  • Completely encased design impervious to dust and other environmental elements
  •  15–360A contactor ratings
  • Single-, two-, three- and four-pole configurations
  • Contactors and starters (up to 60A)
  • Open components and enclosed designs

Exceeds expectations

Sealed housing, removable cover, universal footprint. Eaton’s DP contactors are subjected to stringent quality assurance inspections and testing procedures. The life expectancy, both electrical and mechanical, will meet or exceed industry performance requirements for definite purpose devices.

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Eaton’s goal is to enhance your product competency, troubleshooting skills and safe operation of motor control products. From beginners who are growing their knowledge to experts who need. a refresher, Eaton offers a range of self-guided, eLearning and instructor-led training to meet your individual needs.

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