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LS-Titan key interlock safety switches

Affordable. Functional. Safe.

Eaton’s LS-Titan safety interlock switches have been specifically designed for monitoring the position of protective guards, such as doors, flaps, hoods and grilles. All switches in this family are safety-rated, include positive opening NC contacts, and cannot be defeated using simple tools such as pliers, screwdrivers and nails.

The LS-Titan safety interlock family is comprises of three types of safety switches: key interlock, door-flap and door hinge switches. Key interlock switches are a two-piece design, made up of the switch and key (actuator). The key portion of the switch is affixed to a movable door, cover or other such guard. The switch itself is mounted to a rigid portion of the machine. When the guard is opened, the key is removed from the switch, thereby positively breaking the NC contacts. This interrupts the control circuit, stopping machine operation.

The door-flap and door-hinge switches are one-piece designs, suitable for when a key cannot be mounted in the application. When an attempt is made to open a protected door hinge or flap during operation, these switches disconnect the power supply to the machine or installation. Both switches feature four-way adjustable heads. All LS-Titan safety interlock switches are approved to protect personnel and processes.

Core features of LS-Titan key interlock safety switches

  • LSE models feature the world's first electronic position switch, which provides freely programmable operating points that can be set individually at any time.
  • These switches feature positive opening N.C., contacts for safety applications.
  • Operating heads can be rotated 90 degrees to suit specific direction of operations.

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