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Eaton E-VAC Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Eaton’s E-VAC Vacuum Circuit Breakers are the culmination of decades of experience in vacuum technology. This series of circuit breakers serves the power distribution systems for domestic high-end markets with its high reliability and strong switching capacity.


Core features

  • Powerful switching and maintenance-free care using Eaton’s internationally recognized vacuum interrupter
  • Proven APG encapsulation process ensuring stable operation in harsh  environments
  • Complete compatibility with the mainstream domestic medium voltage distribution panel KYN28, lowering costs for Chinese users
  • Guaranteed interchangeability and universality with all products being subjected to pre-engineering tests for standard panels
  • Stable performance proven over hundreds of mechanical operation running-in tests on all products before they are delivered
  • Proven spring mechanism for stable operation, strong protection against corrosion and a long service life
  • Class E2 electrical endurance, class M2 mechanical endurance and class C2 breaking capacitive current as per GB 1984-2003

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