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Eaton Medium Voltage Licensable Assemblies - xDL
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Eaton Medium Voltage Licensable Assemblies - xDL

Medium Voltage Assemblies - xDL power switchgears are manufactured by Eaton-licensed panel makers and use a modular design. The front and rear cabinets make mass production and maintenance easier. These switchgears can be applied to power plants, substations, mining enterprises and high-rise buildings. 


Core features


  • Supports all operations without opening the door to maximize personnel safety
  • Uses Five Prevention Interlock devices to prevent misoperation
  • Uses enlarged pressure relief channel for the circuit breaker compartment, which improves heat dissipation and thus increases safety

Highly reliable

  • Uses metal-clad, fully enclosed structure for safety and reliability
  • Employs enclosed ceramic case for the interrupter, with a service life of more than 30 years
  • Uses large creepage and composite insulation that improves technical performance
  • Meets GB3906 and DL404 standards

Highly flexible

  • Uses modular design and supports quick installation and maintenance for the modules or the whole cabinet
  • Uses standard components for good compatibility and easy maintenance

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