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VacClad-W 27 kV arc-resistant metal-clad medium-voltage switchgear

VacClad-W arc-resistant switchgear is a metal-clad, medium-voltage switchgear designed to safely contain and redirect the thermal energy and blast from an arc fault should they occur, regardless of the originating location of the arc.  The 27 kV VacClad-W arc-resistant switchgear has a Type 2 rating with an arc flash boundary of zero offering enhanced safety.

up to 27 kV
up to 2000 A
up to 40 kAIC

Core features

  • Certified arc-resistant Type 2 per IEEE C37.20.7
  • Compartmentalized, metal-clad design conforming to IEEE C37.20.2 and CSA C22.2 No. 31-14
  • Horizontal drawout circuit breakers and VT/CPT drawers
  • Provided with mechanical interlocks for proper operating sequence
  • Insulated bus conductors and connections throughout
  • Protection and metering as per customer’s specifications
  • Rated for indoor applications
  • CSA or CSA(US)  available for most ratings

Arc flash. Contained.

An arc flash explosion can release toxic fumes, thermal heat, sound waves and pressure. Arc-resistant equipment is designed to safely contain and redirect arc energy, no matter where the arc originated.

Medium-voltage switchgear 3D interactive

Take a closer look at VacClad-W switchgear

Enhance worker safety

Remotely employ motorized racking to safely move breakers and auxiliary drawers from outside the arc flash boundary.

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