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VacClad-W 5-15 kV metal-clad medium-voltage switchgear

Eaton’s VacClad-W switchgear is a metal-clad, medium voltage switchgear that can be custom-engineered to fit a wide array of application and safety requirements. This decidedly versatile 5-15 kV MV switchgear can be assembled in various combinations to meet specific usage requirements. It’s a trusted choice for applications such as control and distribution, main-main automatic transfer, main-tie-main automatic transfer, main service disconnect and switching.

mv metal-clad switchgear 5-15kv metal-clad front view 500
up to 15 kV
up to 4000 A
up to 63 kAIC

Core features

  • Compartmentalized, metal-clad design conforming to IEEE C37.20.2 and CSA C22.2 No. 31-14
  • Horizontal drawout circuit breakers and VT/CPT drawers
  • Provided with mechanical interlocks for proper operating sequence
  • Insulated bus conductors and connections throughout
  • Protection and metering as per customer’s specifications
  • Available in both indoor and outdoor configurations
  • Available in low profile height configurations (80")
  • Can be supplied with UL /CSA listing

Medium-voltage switchgear 3D interactive

Take a closer look at VacClad-W switchgear

Enhance worker safety

Remotely employ motorized racking to safely move breakers and auxiliary drawers from outside the arc flash boundary.

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